Tuesday, October 5, 2010

woof woof

This picture was taken in front of my neighbors' house.  I have never met these neighbors but I do know their dog.  When I walk past this house, the medium sized mutt lets me know his presence in a very aggressive way.  His sound makes me jump.  My heart races.  I walk faster.  I pray to god the gate stays closed.

I am a little bit scared of dogs who bark.

Is there anything that a little bit scares you?


  1. Laying awake at night scares me. I had a dream in high school that I was under water in the ocean and it scared the living daylights out of me...a year later I got my SCUBA diving license. I wrote "SCUBA dive!" on my fridge two months ago....now when I feel fear creeping up on me, I remember how I used to concur my fear. I dove straight into it.

  2. Lots of things scare me if i allow my mind to run in that dangerous direction but I do my very best not to consider bad or negative possibilities. When I think about it backwards ~through memory~ some of the scariest or worst things I've encountered have become really interesting experiences which are no longer perceived in the same light of fear or dread. Instead they appear as shining little jewels. That is one of the Great things about getting older.