Monday, October 25, 2010


This fabric came from the house I grew up in.

About a month ago, I made a pillow (see post called "Calvin").

Then, I decided to frame the scraps I had left.

The fabric has followed me for so long, I can't imagine wasting a single thread.


  1. very creative ways to use the fabric. It has gone a long way from memories of being tacked on the living room wall.

  2. Little did i know when i chose this fabric for your bedroom 25 years ago how well it would continue to suit you. ~Cheerful, very pretty, feminine, a bit bold and original. I'm glad it's been put to so much good use!

  3. It's beautiful. Your mom has great taste, that she obviously passed down!

  4. This is SO cool. Framed textile SO changes the meaning of everyday pieces of our world. Now, I look at it differently.

  5. Thanks Laura! What a neat way to think about it.