Monday, October 11, 2010


Today I'd like to recognize MIRANDOM.  She is the artist who took my headshot for this blog (see column on right).  She also took the shot on the homepage of my website.

Along with being a photographer, MIRANDOM is a talented deejay and painter.  Check out her work!

4 more neat things about MIRANDOM: Her real name is Miranda Maxwell Smets.  She just moved from NYC to LA.  The image above is an example of her work.  And, she is my sister.


  1. Looks great! thanks so much for shouting me out sis! i'm working on mom's comment;)

  2. Love your Blog and recent art work but then i again of course i would; I'm the mother

  3. That's a gorgeous painting, and your photo is fabulous! The colorscope is awesome, and I love the oppossum/posse link! I look forward to seeing more. What a creative family!