Monday, November 1, 2010

happy halloween

I really wanted Trick or Treaters to visit our new home.  We've never had them before and this Halloween I was ready.

5pm passed without a knock.  It was getting dark and I was feeling a little bit sad.  I looked over at the enormous bowl of candy that was sitting by the door.  One would be enough, I thought.  Just one sweet kid in a costume.  And then the knocks came.  Costume after costume arrived on our front porch.  I saw a werewolf, a baby pumpkin, 3 ninjas, Batman, fairies, a football player, a fortuneteller, Ghost Busters, a couple of princesses, Snow White...

We ended up running out of candy.  As soon as Geoff went to the store to replenish our supply, a little witch came Trick or Treating.  I had to tell her I had nothing left to give her.  She looked up at me and dumped the candy from her bag into my bowl.  "You need candy" she told me.

I couldn't believe it.  This little girl couldn't have been more than 6 years old.  She probably had spent the past hour collecting all this candy and she dumped it into my empty bowl just like that.  I gave her back her candy, my eyes a bit teary.  "Thank you anyway" I said to her.  "You should keep this."

Last night was Halloween and Thanksgiving all wrapped into one.


  1. What a great kid and what a great post!!! It brings a smile to my face that you not only got the little Trick or Treaters you were hoping for but an act of unexpected kindness and generosity. Yey for Halloween!

  2. nice smets! we had to get more candy as well. i also handed out glow n the dark bracelets (remember we loved those). very successful with the treaters. missed the tricks.

  3. How sweet! That little mystery witch rocks! I'm pretty sure that my six year old self would not have been so generous.
    xo t

  4. Hurray for the future of empathy! Your blog is great. I am so happy to get to know you further through your wonderful writing.

  5. What a great story! It gives me hope!