Monday, November 8, 2010

fall back

Due to the time change, my cats were extra sleepy last night.


  1. Calvin looks like a very handsome old prizefighter and Cloe looks very regal and content on her throne where she can be somewhat hidden. There's something about Calvin that makes me want to squeeze him and ruffle him up a lot. But with Cloe it's more hands off, "Love me from a distance Please".

  2. I agree. Chloe is affectionate, but she has to come to you first. I always know when Chloe wants my attention. She will flop on her back (belly up) and wait for me to cuddle her.

    On the other hand, I can do anything to Calvin. He lets me scratch under his chin, rub his paws, carry him around, and he's more than happy when I force him to sit on my lap. He'll just stay there and purr.

    They are really different cats. It's kind of amazing that they are brother and sister.