Saturday, November 6, 2010


I am in a writing class and the the subject of accountability comes up a lot.  How often are you writing?  Do you write everyday?  When you finally sit down to write, how many words come out on the page?

At the end of my most recent class, my wonderful teacher gave each student a different writing assignment.  I was so grateful to receive mine.  It really helps me to know that someone is waiting for my work.

My teacher also lent me a book that she had just come across.  As soon as I got home from class, I opened "If You Want To Write" by Brenda Ueland.  The first chapter I noticed was called "Why Women Who Do Too Much Housework Should Neglect It For Their Writing".  The title made me laugh.  It also gave me the final kick I needed to jump into my newest assignment.

Are you a writer, painter, actor, dancer, musician, designer or creative thinker who struggles with accountability?  Could you share what helps you push through?


  1. I think THIS is the class I need to be in. Another crazy class with Ms.B today...

  2. Oh, I have been there... have been out of there... and now I am somewhere beyond - meaning, I was doing too much housework when the kids were younger and neglecting my art, then I let the housework go and made art, and now I don't do any of it and just... there's the mystery!