Saturday, June 7, 2014

listen to the teacher

May 5, 1986
When the teacher tells you to be quiet in line, you should! You should stand up straight. You should shut your mouth and be quiet. You should never talk to the person next to you. You should listen to the teacher.

I wrote this journal entry twenty eight years ago. I was in third grade. While the spelling and punctuation leave room for improvement, I continue to find inspiration from a time in my life when the good ideas were just pouring out.

For instance, I just love how opinionated the writing is: Listen to the teacher! The thing is, I can't remember if I was being an over-the-top rule follower. Or, maybe I had just gotten in trouble and I was reminding myself how to avoid getting in trouble again? I've got a feeling it's the latter of the two. I spent a great deal of third grade in trouble.

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