Monday, February 10, 2014

some of my best work

March 17, 1986
I had a good time at school. First, we did morning work. And then, we watched a movie. And then, we had math. But when I got home, my cat was eating my fish. I said, "No, don't do that" and put him outside. I watched TV. And then, I had dinner.

March 18, 1986
My best part of school is lunch. 

I wrote these journal entries twenty eight years ago. I was in third grade. While my penmanship and grammar leave room for improvement, the writing cracks me up.

The day went by sort of ho-hum, and then my cat ate a fish. Oh no! It's a good reminder that conflict works in even the shortest of passages. I also love that there's no reflection about the fish dying. Nope, I simply put the cat outside. Then, I watched TV and had dinner. End of story.

The next entry begins with the best part of school. Lunch, of course.

I wish I had kept more writing from a time in my life when the good ideas were just pouring out.


  1. Love this for exactly the reasons you say . . . priceless!

  2. If you're a writer (and you are!), there will always be good ideas pouring out.

    P.S. I read that Mac Barnett book you mentioned too! It's fun to read the book with the "edits" and without just to note the contrasts!