Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the racecar has arrived!

May 29th, 2012  2:31pm
Los Angeles, CA

LIBRA (light blue) CHARM:  Sees the world as a place to balance and be in harmony with. The personality is surrounded by a sensitivity to beauty.

GEMINI (bright blue) VERSATILITY:  You express yourself in a thoroughly engaging way. Responsive, skillful and clever, you have a natural relationship with the sphere of ideas and the realm of air.  Alert, amusing and exuberant, you tend to be surrounded by friends and admirers. There is a need for constant motion which can lead to impatience, and a flighty nature. You will bend the truth to obtain the right result. You live inside the moment and a place of immediate reward. Quick and full of curiosity about everything, you are a master conversationalist but tend to avoid the depths. A dissatisfied, brooding element is usually hidden. Dramatic flair and talent are common along with the gift of persuasion. There is a strong need for variety.

VIRGO (dark green) HELPFUL: Emotionally reserved and understated, Dark Green’s withdrawal and detachment is compensated with a giving nature. The self is anchored in servitude and integrity.Fastidious and diligent, there is a steady resourceful, dutiful element at the center of the personality. 


  1. Henry sounds like he will be a fascinating person to know and love. We can't wait to meet him!!

  2. Thanks Sofia! AND thanks for insightful comment on Facebook-free baby. You inspired me to post Henry's color scope in lieu of a photo!

  3. i am thoroughly happy. You will be a wonderful mother and we are in for a world of fun!

  4. like the lil guys manly colors! xoxox