Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the facebook-free baby

Now that the racecar is almost here, I've been questioning whether or not I'm going to post his picture on my blog.  The following article from The Wall Street Journal entitled, "The Facebook-Free Baby" makes a valid point.  While I'm not on Facebook, I've posted many things about my work and myself online. Our baby will be an enormous part of my life and my first inclination is that I'd be thrilled to share pictures and stories about him.  However, I'd making this choice for me, not him.  Considering he won't be able to voice his opinion for quite sometime, I'm left to decide.  Should I expose him online, or not?

What are your thoughts about this issue?

1 comment:

  1. Selfishly, I'd love to see pics of your racecar! But I completely agree... It's pretty important to really think about this before doing it. I personally try to be really careful about what images i out out into the digitalsphere.

    You could consider only posting Pics that are kinda art-sy and just suggesti the little one, like his little hands and/or feet or his profile but in shadow.... Or would that be even weirder?