Monday, January 16, 2012

a tale of two brothers

it isn't funny
not one little bit
mom never said that
why won't you just quit
your teasing and taunting
i know i'm your brother
we look just alike
we have the same mother
i'm not adopted
that's just isn't true
you make my head hurt
you make me feel blue
go away now
i'm tired, i'm done
i want my mommy
she knows i'm the one
turns out she favors
my face to yours
and when we grow up
she'll give you more chores
then i'll be laughing
and you will be sad
wishing you never 
made me so mad

Poem by Alexandra Thayer Stewart
Image via Pintrest


  1. I love these last two poems! The one about fears particularly resonates with me...

  2. i just Love this poem + the accompanying photo. Funny, i recently found a Birthday card you gave Miranda when you were maybe 9 or 10. It said, "Happy Birthday to my sister" "love from mom's favorite"

  3. Great peom - but the one screaming is a girl (my cousin) picture taken 50 odd years ago after I pinched her on her birthday : ) - going to forward the poem to her - we have been seeing the picture everywhere but a poem is a first! Andrew Howe

  4. andrew, thanks for the comment! please tell your cousin i'm sorry i thought she was a boy. it's so hard to tell with babies!