Wednesday, January 25, 2012

dreams and dishes

i know i should help
mom with our dinner
practice my scales
show dad i'm a winner
at soccer and squash
piano and french
i am that kid
the coach will not bench
but underneath all
of my talents and tricks
my heart, she beats softly
with a tick, tick, tick
i prefer to write poems
and daydream away
sing to my cats
make pots out of clay
i collect stones
in the shape of a heart
i like to rip pictures
and recreate art
they don't understand
how could they relate
they think i'm like them
a perfect blank slate
turns out i'm not
at all what they think
a deep water girl
who's right on the brink
of avoiding their rules
and saying enough
i've had it, i'm done
i'm over this fluff
perhaps they'll give up
and try for another
a sweet baby boy
they'll raise as my brother
i hope this new child
will follow their wishes
he'll get into yale
and wash all the dishes
then i'll be free
to do what i please
god i hope so
i'm on hands and on knees

Poem by Alexandra Thayer Stewart
Image via We Heart It

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