Wednesday, December 15, 2010

notes from a liar and her dog

Notes from a Liar and Her Dog
By Gennifer Choldenko

Synopsis from Goodreads:  For Antonia MacPherson, lying is a way of life. It's what works best when you are a weed in a family of roses. No matter what she does, her mother thinks she's wrong. Her older sister, Your Highness Elizabeth, (as Ant calls her) says Ant's best friend, Harrison, stinks, and her younger sister, Katherine the Great, takes notes on Ant's bad behavior to report back to their mother. The only family member to whom Ant admits to being related is Pistachio, her dog. A clever, resourceful and very funny liar, Ant sticks to her own moral code that gives Pistachio and Harrison precedence over all other living creatures. But when a concerned teacher sees the truth behind Ant's humor and lies, it seems Ant and her mother may be in for a showdown

What I think: Out of all of Ginnifer Choldenko's books, this is my favorite.  The story is laugh out loud funny AND it is really touching.  Without giving too much away, I got a bit teary in parts.  Ant is a character you simply have to root for.  Plus, I just love the title.

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  1. The title is an absolute hook! Love, love, love it!