Sunday, May 29, 2011

really like

I enjoyed reading this post at Cup of Jo.  It got me thinking about words.  Words I love, words I do not care for, and words I overuse.  For instance,  I say really like a lot:  I really like your haircut.  I really like pizza.  I really like to read. When I say this phrase I genuinely do like the thing I'm talking about.  However, I know I can do a better job at expressing myself:  Your new bangs are city cool.  This crust has the perfect amount of crunch.  I'm a little depressed to finish Harry Potter (Book Seven) because I'll have to say goodbye to all of the wonderful characters I've grown to care about

I'm curious.  Are there any words you love?  Hate?  Are there any phrases you hear over and over?

(Image via Cup of Jo.)


  1. there are so many catch phrases and words that annoy me i don't know where to start.
    ~Don't Go There~
    ~On The Planet~
    ~In The Universe~ all trendy + overused
    ~Rally The Troops~ for gathering children together
    ~Take Care~ as a closing statement (implying that you are utterly reckless or that there is something dangerous and one needs to be wary)?!?
    tacky overused words:
    Hot or Hottie. Gorgeous. Cute. Bootie or (the all time worst) Toosh.

  2. i forgot two completely overused words that really make my skin crawl: Actually which used to be Basically and Exactly especially when it's said with in a know-it-all tone.

  3. For a while I pinched my arm whenever I said 'like' to try and cure myself of it. But it began to look as though I had a skin disease, and my speech patterns were unaffected. alas.

    I have one pet peeve: "I could care less."